Value and mission

Our Vision and Mission

Every child is born with immense potentiality and parents also desire to give best education to their children. To meet the expectations of parents and to bring out the best talent in each student is the aim of our School.

Every child has immense potentiality and creativity. It requires proper nurturing which will lead every individual to an independent, emotionally strong and intellectually sound future human being. The institution started with the intention of providing a high quality education to the children of Kuthyar and surrounding villages.

Education is not just scoring good marks; it must prepare the individuals to face the challenges of life.

Schooling at Sri Mookambika public School ensures the ability :

  • To develop children’s talents, creativity, integrate knowledge, evaluate ideas and events constructively and awareness in life’s varied circumstances.
  • To develop emotional maturity and helping them to face ups and downs of life in a balanced manner.
  • To be the catalysts of social change bringing justice, trust, progress and peace in the self and the society with a commitment to the immediate cause of the poor and the disadvantaged.
  • To develop a spirit of patriotism towards the Motherland and to live in harmony with love and compassion towards all humanity.
  • To create a spirit of fellowship, equality and mutual enrichment and gross happiness in the society.

To create a spirit of belongingness and commitment to the neighbourhood through community service