General Rules


Enrolment in Sri Mookambika Public School,it is mandatory to comply with the requirements and regulations of the school by the parents and the pupil.

  1. All the students are expected to reach the school atleast 5 minutes before the morning assembly. Late comers will not be allowed to attend the assembly and if this continues for 3 days he/she may be asked to return home or marked absence.
  2. Within the school campus all have to converse only in English.
  3. All must wear ID Card in the school premises.
  4. Every student should attend the school in neat school uniform.
  5. No student is allowed to leave the campus during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  6. Students will not be sent home with anyone other than the Parents/ Guardians.

All students are expected to :

  1. Show respect to all the teachers and staff members.
  2. Avoid shouting, screaming or running around the school building.
  3. Avoid littering anywhere in the school premises. Dustbins to be used.
  4. Strict silence is to be observed at the freeze bell in the morning, after the recesses and in the passages.
  5. Students should always keep note books and text books neat and well covered with brown paper and properly labelled their name, class and subjects.
  6. Books other than the prescribed curriculum or other printed matters, should not to be brought to the school.
  7. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. The school does not take responsibility of the lost items.
  8. Principal has the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose presence at the school is injurious to others and moral degradation of the school.
  9. Care must be taken of the school property.Students must not scratch or spoil the furniture, write on the wall or in any way damage what is provided for their use. Any kind of damage will be charged with penalty.
  10. No one is allowed to put on Mehendi, lipstick or nail polish and attend school.
  11. Mobile phones, cameras, any costly gadgets will be confiscated if found with any student in the school.
  12. No one is allowed to bring any sharp objects such as knife scissors, blade, crackers or any object harmful to the fellow students. Defaulter will be suspended from the school.
  13. No students are allowed to use physical force to hurt any student in or outside school campus or use any abusive language derogatory to ones or others character.
  14. Vulgarity in talk and behaviour is forbidden.
  15. Students are to rise whenever any teacher / visitor enters the class rooms.


            Special attention is given to the character building of the students.Parents / guardians are requested to co-operate with the efforts of the school authorities :

  1. By urging their wards to maintain punctuality and regularity.
  2. By occasionally meeting the Principal to discuss about the progress of their children.
  3. By spending valid time with the children in home works, lessons, storytelling, moral guidance etc.

Parents are also requested

  1. To be the living examples / models to the values taught and expected of their children.
  2. To keep the school authorities informed about any special problems, family circumstances or relevant facts that are necessary for a proper understanding and guidance of their children.
  3. Do not send the children with any valuable ornaments or jewellery or money to the school.
  4. Giving presents to the staff or other demonstrations of gratitude or goodwill in their honour is not allowed.
  5. Any communication / queries made by the parents must be addressed to the Principal and not to the class teacher.
  6. Parents are particularly expected to sign the Principal’s or teacher’s remarks. Failure may cause a greater inconvenience to the children.
  7. Students are allowed to wear the moderate and descent colour dress only on their birth day.
  8. Kindly encourage the child to perform better always.
  9. Kindly encourage the students to have the Mid-day meal provided by the school. Non vegetarian food is strictly not allowed within the campus.
  10. Chocolate, Bakery items, oil fried foods are strictly prohibited.
  11. Criticism of teachers and the school authorities in front of their children by the parents should be avoided. Should they have any legitimate complaint, kindly meet the Principal during the office hours.