General Information

Learning System
Kinder Garten:The junior classrooms provide a beautiful setting for the fledging childhood to grow and learn naturally. The junior wing is equipped with plethora of facilities, providing modern learning tools to the growing minds. For kids, it’s a lot of fun, mixed with learning. The school houses a large playing arena for tiny-tots. A separate computer lab, a library and activity section in the class room itself, gives them ample opportunities to learn and explore the world.

Senior Wing: The senior wing is designed with a view of providing all facilities required for senior students. The building houses classes from I to X in addition to the Science Lab, Computer Lab, and a Library.

One can’t think of today’s world without information Technology, therefore we take due care in training our students to excel in the field of information Technology. Our labs are well equipped and updated.

Reading & understanding our History, Culture, Science, Technology, Mythology and so on ….. surly adds up to the intellectual level of the students. The thirst of acquiring knowledge is quenched in our library.

Educational System: The school follows CBSE curriculum and fulfils the educational needs of all segments of society. The medium of instruction is English, which happens to be the first language. Students have to learn three languages, i.e English, Second language Kannada & third language Hindi Sanskrit is being taught in classes VI to VIII.

Subject Offered: English, Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit (for classes VI to VIII), Mathematics, Science, Social Science (EVS), General Knowledge, Information & Technology, Computer and Art & Craft.

Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities: The school provides ample opportunities to the students to engage themselves in a wide variety of co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

Following are the part of Curriculum
* Music
* Tabla
* Karate
* Chess
* Art & Craft
* Scout & Guides